Village Square Condos coming to Kerr Village

Village Square Condos Oakville – New Condos coming soon to Kerr Village

Village Square condos oakville - new condos kerr village My condo ‘spidey senses’ have sniffed out a new condo coming soon to Oakville’s Kerr Village… Village Square Condos will be coming soon to the heart of Kerr Village.

Village Square Condos will bring modern, urban condo living to an historic setting right in the heart of Kerr Village.

Stay tuned for more details on Village Square Condos or register below to hear it here first.


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Oakville in Pictures… Awesome Winter Sunset

“Winter Glow”oakville sunset glen abbey winter snow

A picture really is worth a thousand words. While this may be cliche, it is true.

Today, as I stepped out of the TD Canada Trust bank in Glen Abbey on Upper Middle Road in Oakville, I stopped dead in snow when I saw the sky. I wasn’t thinking about the problems I had to deal with, or how long it was going to take me to get to where I was going. I just stopped in awe.  This photo I snapped with my phone doesn’t come close to doing it justice. The white from the snow today created a monotone blanket over Oakville, but when I saw the colours in the sky from this awesome sunset, it just filled the day with such a glow. How could you not stop and appreciate the pure simple beauty that is out there.

So, next time instead of cursing the weather or getting stressed and angry at the traffic that you’re blaming for making you late for your appointment, just STOP. See the beauty that is out there and experience it for what it is. Because the traffic will always be there to distract you or try and drag you down, the phone will always ring with another fire to put out, there will always be something that could be better .. if only, but if you don’t stop and fill yourself up with the simple things that really do make life rich, what’s the point?


Oakville in Pictures… Downtown Oakville

 ‘First snow’

Downtown Oakville winter snowLiving in Oakville, snow is inevitable. Whether you love it or hate it, there will always be snow. I think everything looks brighter in the cold of winter with a coating of snow. Yes, everyone forgets how to drive all of a sudden and it takes longer to get to where you need to go, but just stop and enjoy the simple beauty that it brings. Or swear and continue with your road rage, whatever works.



Ryan Chelak is a long-time resident of Oakville, father, runner, blogger, community advocate and Real Estate Broker. 

Looking to get a real Christmas tree in Oakville?

Where do you go to get a live, real, fresh cut Christmas Tree in Oakville?

Oakville Children-Pulling-The-Christmas-Tree-Through-Snow

I was out for a run this past weekend and must have seen a dozen cars loaded up with fresh cut, real Christmas trees heading home to inject some Christmas spirit into their home or condo. Now, I’ve never bought a ‘live’ tree personally, but I thought it would be a great idea to post a list of the places you can buy a fresh cut Christmas tree.

Before you get up in arms about environmental impact, fresh cut, real Christmas trees come from tree farms, where they only cut down 1 out of every 10 trees every season, continually planting more to ensure sustainability. If you want more information check out this website for real Christmas tree facts.

Civitan Club of Oakville (Fresh Cut)
Maple Grove Mall – Sobeys Plaza
Corner of Cornwall & Maple Grove
Phone: 905-847-6269

Cudmore’s Garden Centre (Fresh Cut)
3171 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville
Phone: 905-827-1872

Bulow Garden Centre (Fresh Cut)
370 South Service Rd W, Oakville
Phone: 905-845-7121

Marc’s Firewood (Fresh Cut)
North East corner of Trafalgar Rd & Dundas St
Across from Longo’s
Phone: 905-257-6366

Oakville Optimitsts Club (Fresh Cut)
Dorval Crossing East – Dorval Drive & North Service Road
Phone: 905-847-6628

Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm (Fresh Cut)
2368 Lakeshore Rd. W., Oakville
South side of Lakeshore Rd. W. between Jones & Nelson
Phone: 905-465-5353

Jade Gardens (Fresh Cut)
5558 Trafalgar Road, Hornby, ON
Phone: 905-822-0251

Sheridan Nurseries (Fresh Cut)
606 Southdown Rd, Mississauga
Phone: 905-878-0722

Clembrook Christmas Tree Farm – (Cut Your Own)
4231 Derry Rd., Milton
Phone: 905-878-6576

I’ve also noticed that pretty well every Sobeys, Metro, Canadian Tire, Home Depot in Oakville are now selling fresh cut, real Christmas trees now.

Do you have a favorite place to get your fresh cut Christmas Tree in or around Oakville? Share the love and post your comment below! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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OpArt Lofts Oakville – To Be or Not To Be?

OpArt Lofts Oakville – What’s the deal…?

OpArt Lofts Oakville - dead or alive

I first found out about OpArt Lofts back in 2011. You can find my original blog post about OpArt lofts here.  At that time, the sales centre was to open in the fall of 2011. As you can see from the picture above – the sales centre as of December 2014 is no closer to opening. The OpArt lofts website is down, I know that the land/building site has been for sale for some time now and although I keep getting requests regularly about OpArt lofts I won’t give my clients or potential clients information on a project I have no confidence in.

If you remember at the same time, the Lofts of Downtown Oakville project was trying to get off the ground too. It too, was a vision that was never realized. The site later turned into the flash in the pan Marilyn Monroe Cafe (RIP) and is now still the same prime mixed used commercial/residential building space in Downtown Oakville, home now to expanded Salon Mozer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the concept behind OpArt Lofts – it is unique distinctive and I think Kerr Village is the perfect spot for this condo building. So if Neilas Inc., the developers get things back together – please give me a call! I have had close to a hundred serious inquiries about this project and it seems apparent to me that Oakville condo buyers want loft style condos. There are few condo buildings in Oakville that have a loft style unit in them and no loft style buildings.

If you’re interested in a great new loft condo in Oakville – contact me about the almost sold out RAIN Fascincate model loft condo next door at RAIN condos.


Downtown Oakville – Art Exhibition at Aroma Espresso Bar

Art Exhibition opens Friday December 5, 2014 at Aroma Espresso Bar in Downtown Oakville

Downtown Oakville - Aroma Cafe Art Exhibition Bianca Cubric


Please join Bianca De Navarro Cubric on Friday, December 5, 2014 for the opening night of her new art exhibition.

Bianca’s work will be exhibited at the Aroma Espresso Bar in Downtown Oakville until January 5, 2014.

For more information on Bianca’s work please visit her website 

Oakville for Kids – Wagon Rides with Santa Downtown Oakville

Wagon Rides with Santa in Downtown Oakville

Wagon Rides with Santa Downtown Oakville

Looking to take the kids for a wagon ride with santa?

Where: Downtown Oakville – Pick up and Drop off are at Towne Square

When: Saturdays & Sundays – November 29, 2014 to December 21, 2014


The Holiday season has snuck up once again this year. Well, for me anyway. What better way to enjoy the Holiday season than with a festive wagon ride with Santa?! The kids will actually look forward to going shopping Downtown Oakville with you when you tell them they can take a wagon ride with Santa. (psst. You might even enjoy it too! :) )

Whether you’re rewarding yourself for getting your Christmas shopping done, looking for things to do with the kids this weekend, feeding your inner child or just wanting to feel more festive and spread some Holiday Cheer, come down to Downtown Oakville every weekend before Christmas and hop aboard the horse drawn wagon and share some Holiday spirit with Santa Claus.


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Bulk Barn Oakville – Coming Soon to Oakville’s Dorval Crossing

New Bulk Barn coming soon to Oakville

Bulk Barn Oakville - Coming Soon to Oakville's Dorval Crossing

A new Bulk Barn location is coming soon to Dorval Crossing East in Oakville. It will be right next to National Sports where the Reitmans store was.  While I have not found out yet exactly when it will be open, I will spread the words as soon as I find out. So stay tuned…

Bulk Barn Oakville

210 North Service Road (QEW and Dorval Drive)
Oakville, ON

For those of you in Oakville that like to buy in bulk, you will be very familiar with Bulk Barn. Bulk Barn offers tons of bulk food items including nuts, dried fruit, baking ingredients, snacks, coffee & teas, pet food, vitamins and supplements and gluten free foods and ingredients. Bulk Barn also has a ton of snacks and candy and chocolate for those ju jube junkies and chocoholics here in Oakville that don’t want to drive to the two other Oakville Bulk Barn locations at Burloak and QEW and in Oak Park by Wal-Mart and the LCBO on the south side of Dundas just west of Trafalgar Road.

What’s on in Oakville… RBC Skate in the Square Downtown Oakville

Downtown Oakville – FREE skating in the Square

Downtown Oakville - RBC Skate in the Square Downtown Oakville


This winter, enjoy FREE skating in Downtown Oakville from November 29, 2014 to February 28, 2015. The rink is now open to skaters daily, from 8 a.m.-10 p.m., through to Feb. 28, 2015.

In its second year in Downtown Oakville’s Towne Square, the RBC ‘Skate in the Square’ is a great place to take the kids, learn to skate or just lace up your skates and enjoy the fresh air with friends, family or someone special.

This year, the rink has a synthetic skating surface and is good to go in all types of weather. The synthetic surface is made of polymer material and is designed for use with all normal, metal-bladed ice skates. (A word to the wise though, synthetic ice will dull your blades faster than real ice so be aware before you hit the ice afterwards.)

When lacing up their skates or taking a break to warm up, Oakville residents can enjoy the comfort of the Khachi designed warming station. Afterwards enjoy the many shops, restaurants and bistros that Downtown Oakville has to offer or just walk the festive streets and enjoy the fresh, crisp air.